Gran Maestri

The “Gran Maestro” of Monte San Savino is a very special award for us, because every years we are given the opportunity to look back upon our past, on everything that we have shared with you for all this time. On the one hand, an array of artists and friends from the world of modelling have passed through Monte San Savino over the years, but on the other hand it is also true that some of these people have given a particular, strong and crucial impulse to this event and to what it means.
In this sense, the Grand Master award is a symbol. Once a year, we want to give this symbol to some special people who have given great prestige to the history, the philosophy and the very meaning of what Monte represents for us: through the works they have presented here, the awards they have won, their presence in the jury, their demonstrations, their magnificent artistic biography, and above all, through their friendship.
It is not an award that is based on numbers. It is based on the weight, the effect, and the meaning that some people have had (and we are certain they will continue to have) for this place.