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The "Small-Cow"

The earth that entertains this associative reality is of sure the most beautiful and soaked with history of whole Italy, also countersigned by a factor of territorial morphology and climate, that they make it only and appreciated. Perhaps also from this specification and fortunate nature, the artistic-cultural passion that unites us derives, but surely not neither it is the only component and peculiar characteristic in fact it "joky" it is fundamental element of the people that they here live and that it traces the peculiarities of the nature spiteful of the so-called Toscanaccio-doc. And it is in this optics, that currently the association has given birth to born this “gadget”-mascotte, with a wanted call to the home meats quinines… object of culinary veneration, fondly denominating it "small-cow". Since the demonstration "Mountain St. Savino Show" it's made every year in November, we're thought initially, about introducing a small-cow Christmas version, in such way to make it profit for possible gifts "artistic", but then the thing evolved to become a symbol, always in a mocking guise, of the “bridge between history and fantasy”.

Today there is a contest dedicated solely to the small cow that produces Gastart in which there are no medals but vouchers to buy the meat at the "Aldo Iacomoni" butcher's shop.

 The "Small-Cow", which is produced every year in a different version, can be found directly at the "Monte San Savino Show" event or you can order it by writing to

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